Its that time of year again! Every year there are hundreds of emergency room visits due to eye trauma from Halloween costumes. Let Advanced Eyecare Optometry make Halloween safe by sharing some simple tricks to make sure your child’s Halloween a treat!

Safety Tips For Halloween Costumes:

  • Avoid any costume, mask, wig, hat, eye patch that blocks vision
  • Make certain hats, masks and wigs are fit securely to avoid eye obstruction
  • Be sure costumes do not drag or touch ground to avoid falling and tripping
  • Avoid any props that may be pointy and could injure your child or another child’s eyes
  • Be sure to wear bright clothing or add reflective patches to clothing and treat bags and buckets
  • Carry flashlights to help improve vision in darkly lit areas
  • Do not ride bikes, skateboards or scooters while wearing costumes to prevent accidents
  • Obey all traffic/pedestrian signals
  • Parents should accompany younger children and older children should go in groups
  • Use common sense when on the street. Don’t walk between parked cars. Don’t rush out into the street without looking both ways (twice). Don’t Trick or Treat near busy streets or roads that are under construction
  • Its never a bad idea to Trick or Treat during daylight or early evening hours before dark falls
  • Its always a good idea to attend planned Halloween parties rather that wander the streets

So remember, there are many things you can do to ensure you make your child’s Halloween safe!

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Source: preventblindness.org