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To help you, our valued patients, navigate your way through your next eyecare visit, ordering precription lenses or contacts lenses, we have provided many of the office forms you may need right here on our website to help save you valuable time…

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Comprehensive Eye Exams

Our Comprehensive Eye examination includes the following:

  • Measurement of eyeglass prescription, eye alignment, and focusing ability at distance, computer, and reading distances.
  • Ocular/neurological pupil testing and eye movement/tracking evaluation.
  • Measurement of peripheral vision sensitivity.
  • External ocular health evaluation and testing for the presence of dry eye, ocular allergies, and viral or bacterial infections.
  • Internal ocular health evaluation – examination for the presence of any internal eye diseases, including cataract, macular degeneration, glaucoma, and peripheral retinal degenerations.
  • Optomap wide-angle retinal imaging – offered free of charge for all children under 18 years of age.
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Contact Lens Ordering

We fit all contact lenses including soft, rigid, gas permeable, toric and bifocal. For patients interested but not sure if they can wear contacts, we offer a trial fitting to evaluate the patient’s success before they order lenses. This enables the patient to try out contacts before they commit to purchasing them. There is only a fee for our time in providing the fitting, solutions and follow-up care.

Contact lenses

Patient Forms

For Your Convenience

Here at Advanced Eyecare Optometry, we want to make you visits as convenient as possible.

With that in mind we have patient forms available to you here on the website that you can download, print and fill out before you visit our office.

Patient Forms

Vision Insurance

At Advanced Eyecare Optometry, we try to make your visit more convennient by accepting a wide range of innsurance plans. See more…

Vision Insurance

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