Its that time of year again! Leaves are turning, nights are cooling and Halloween costumes, parties and Trick r’ Treating are on the horizon! By following some simple tips for eye safety at Halloween you can keep your eyes safe all month long.

Eye Safety for Halloween Tips

  • Be wary of cosmetic contacts lenses. They can do all sorts of damage causing vision threatening infections that will be truly monstrous! If you must finish off your costume, be sure to purchase cosmetic contact lenses through an optical shop you trust. And be sure to remove lenses at the end of your day.
  • Beware too much witches brew! Many injuries occur from showing off your costumes when too much witch’s brew has been consumed. Masks can can block vision, especially peripheral vision when accessories like wands and swords are wielded about. Remember to be smart about imbibing and have a designated driver or use a taxi service and always remove your contacts at the end of the night!
  • Be sure you or your child wears glasses if needed to see properly and that costumes are hemmed to a safe length to avoid tripping and falls.
  • Much of the Halloween makeup out there is NOT formulated for eye safety. Be sure to use caution and care when applying makeup, fake eyelashes, glue and glitter to yours or your child’s faces. Keep fingers off faces and out of eyes to prevent the spread of debris that can irritate eyes.
  • As Fall settles in with darkness earlier in the evening and Halloween draws near, be sure to keep eyes out at night for pedestrians and eventually Trick r’ Treaters!

Autumn is here and weather and light is changing. Be sure to wear sunglasses even on overcast days to protect form UV light and keep eyes peeled at night for those out walking in the nice Fall weather. By following these simple eye safety for Halloween tips to keep you and your loved ones safe!

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Sources: eye.keckmedicine.org

Image by Toni Etyang from Pixabay