Safe Toys and Celebrations

Participate in Safe Toys and Celebrations Month in December. Because December is the most popular gift-giving month in the world, it’s critical to keep safety in mind as you shop for the children in your life.

According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, hospital emergency rooms treated 251,700 toy-related injuries in the United States in 2010. 72% of those interviewed were under the age of 15. Toymakers recalled over 19 million toys worldwide a few years ago due to safety concerns such as lead paint and small magnets. Toy safety has improved since then, but shoppers can take precautions to keep the children in their lives safe.

Purchasing toys and other gifts is one of the most enjoyable aspects of the holiday season. Who doesn’t enjoy watching a friend or family member open a gift and see their eyes light up with delight? In all the excitement, it’s easy to lose sight of basic safety. So, before you make any purchases this year, keep safety in mind so that the holidays don’t turn from the happiest to the scariest!

Observing #SafeToyAndCelebrationMonth

This December, use the hashtag #SafeToysAndCelebrationGiftsMonth to spread the word and raise awareness. Here are some tips to help you shop safely this holiday season.

  • Before you buy any toys, make sure to inspect them. Avoid toys with sharp edges, a lot of small parts, or parts that can be easily removed. (Especially if it’s for a baby or toddler)
  • Make sure the toy’s age and skill level match the age and skill level of the child you’re purchasing for.
  • Check the label! Toys should bear an ATSM (American Society for Testing and Materials) label indicating compliance. Many people underestimate the importance of ATSM testing.
  • Toys with ropes, cords, or that can heat up should be avoided, as should crayons and markers unless they are labeled nontoxic.

If you want to know if your toy choices are safe check here Prevent Blindness Safe Toy Checklist.

Safe Celebrations

Follow these tips to stay safe during the Holidays!

  • Keep your home safe from fire. Do not leave light decorations plugged in for an extended period of time or near flammable surfaces.
  • When using a fireplace or a fire pit outside, exercise caution. Also, when opening champagne bottles on New Year’s Eve, cover the top of the bottle with a hand towel before prying off the cork. If the cork flies free, it could sever an eye or cause other damage.
  • You can have safe holiday celebrations as long as you consider the types of toys and other items you buy and use for the holidays with safety in mind.

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