Researchers have discovered that participating in aerobic exercise helps alleviate dry eyes and itching eyes by increasing the tear film stability and tear secretion in your eyes!


Researchers from the University of Waterloo and the University of Cape Coast in Ghana divided fifty-two people into two groups, athletic and non-athletic to participate in an exercise session. The athletic group exercised at least five times per week. The non-athletic participants exercised no more than once a week. Experts examined participants before and after each exercise session where ocular tear secretion and tear break-up times were assessed. The largest increase in ocular tear film increased in the athletic group but the non-athletic group also increased ocular tear film after exercise. And they experienced not just a minor boost, but a serious boost.

Our eyes are covered in tear film, which is a protective coating necessary for maintaining ocular health function. The eyes healthy tear film is made of three layers consisting of oil, water and mucin that work together to hydrate the eyes and protect against irritants like dust or debris and infections. When the tear film becomes unstable, the surface develops dry spots, itching, stinging and burning sensations.


Most people’s activity today consists of screen time on their computers or phones. The need for eye drops or other alternative treatments has increased and researchers wanted to find alternatives to eye droops or other treatments. Remaining physically active is good not only for your overall health but your eye health as well.


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Source: Science Daily

Image by happyveganfit from Pixabay