Wildfire season is upon full force here in the Bay Area! Conditions like itching, burning, red or watery eyes can all be caused by smoke in the air, leaving your eyes to feel like Allergy Season never left!  Limiting your exposure and using the following tips will help to prevent eye irritation and give you some relief!

Prevent Eye Irritation with the Following Tips:

1. Use lubricating eye drops or artificial tears to help rince away particles and soothe eyes.

2. Wash your hands regularly when handling contact lenses. Its no time to skimp on cleaning your contacts well before and after use. Don’t rub your eyes if they are feeling irritated.

3. Stay indoors and keep all your windows and door closed to keep smoke particulates out. Run your AC if you need fresh or cooled air but be sure they have clean filters and are working to keep particulate matter out of your environment.

4. The CDC also recommends limiting indoor air pollution by refraining from using anything that burns, like fireplaces, gas stoves and candles. Vacuums can also stir up dust already present in your home. Air filters are also recommended for those with respiratory conditions.

If you believe you have an eye infection or injury please seek medical attention promptly to reduce the risk of further damage to your eyes.

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Source: vsp.com

Image by ChunCompany from Pixabay