Every year, an estimated 100,000 people are hurt by sports-related eye injuries. About 13,000 of these injuries result in permanent vision loss. In support of Sports Eye Safety Month this April, Advanced Eyecare Optometry reminds athletes everywhere that the great majority of sports-related eye injuries can be avoided by simply wearing the proper protection.

Sports Eye Safety Month

A study found that basketball was the leading cause of most sports-related eye injuries in the United States. Following Basketball is baseball, softball, airsoft rifles, pellet guns, racquetball and hockey.

Protective eyewear with shatterproof plastic, called polycarbonate lenses, should be worn for sports such as basketball, racquet sports, soccer and field hockey. Choose eye protectors that have been tested to meet the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards or that pass the CSA racquet sports standard. Read the American Academy of Ophthamology full guidelines about protective eyewear for sports and activities for additional details.

Being careful during activities or games involving projectiles and other sharp objects that could create injury if in contact with the eye is a must!

Be Careful

If you already have reduced vision in one eye, consider whether it’s worth the risk of injuring your good eye before participating in a high-risk sport. Check with your optometrist to see what appropriate eye protection is available and whether participating in high impact sports is advised for you.

Spectators at sporting events should also be careful. Balls, bats, and players can end up in the stands at any time. Keep your eyes on the game and watch out for foul balls and flying objects!

If you have an eye injury go to the emergency room immediately, even if the injury appears minor. Delaying medical attention can result in permanent vision loss or blindness. So be sure to be seen!

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Image by Charles Nambasi from Pixabay