Relieving allergy eyes is important if you suffer from seasonal allergies! At Advanced Eyecare Optometry, we are here to help! Here’s some tips that will help to determine if its allergies and what to do about them:

Know the Symptoms

Red, itchy, swollen, watering eyes coupled with a stuffy nose and sneezing is probably allergies. Eye pain is not typically associated with allergies. Be sure to see your eye doctor promptly if you are experiencing pain.

At Advanced Eyecare optometry we can give your eyes they attention they deserve!

Know the Causes

Seasonal allergies are caused from pollen, dust, molds, perfumes (both cosmetic perfumes and in many scented products), makeup and medicines (including prescription and herbal).

Home Allergy Treatments

Removing allergens from your body is an important step to relieving symptoms. Showering, washing your hair, and changing your clothes will help. Cold Compress’ over your eyes may help to reduce swelling.

Rinsing your eyes

Flushing your eyes with pure saline eye-drops that are marked ‘preservative free’ or artificial tears may help to reduce allergens and the resulting irritation from your eyes. Products such as Refresh®, Genteal® and Systane® are a great temporary rinse*.

Allergy Eye Drops

Over the counter allergy eye-drops such as Alaway® and Zaditor® may provide some relief*. If symptoms aren’t relieved or they worsen you can ask your eye doctor for prescription drops*.

Oral Allergy Medicines

Although some over the counter allergy medications can cause dry eyes there are many to choose from. Your doctor can recommend the right medication for you.

Children and Eye Allergies

Babies, toddlers and children can all suffer from allergies. Be sure to check with their pediatrician if you notice symptoms.

Wear Sunglasses

Wearing sunglasses not only protects you from eye disease but it can also help with protecting your from allergens and dust. If you work in a dusty environment you should wear safety glasses or goggles to help prevent further irritation.


Allergy symptoms can be bothersome! Make an appointment with Advanced Eyecare Optometry and be sure to check with your doctor before using any medications.

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