Fight the freeze this winter and keep your eyes safe with Feel Good’s Top Tips.

As we edge closer to Christmas and the end of the year, cold weather has inevitably hit the country like a freight train. While it’s hard to believe that winter has only technically just begun, the weather is only going to get colder as the nights grow longer. Keeping warm and looking after your health is a necessity, so we’ll all be making sure to wrap up warm in our coats, scarves and gloves. However, you’ll also need to remember to protect your eyes from the elements.

Feel Good have compiled this blog of things to look out for, and tips to keep your eyes safe this winter.

Stay hydrated

Windy weather places your eyes in much more danger of drying out and losing moisture than in other conditions. Having irritated and dry eyes can be very uncomfortable, and even painful.

It’s not just the strong winds that can trigger this, as closed windows and heating in the home create an environment in which your eyes are more likely to dry out.

One thing you can do to prevent your eyes from drying out is to drink lots of water in order to stay hydrated. In addition, putting a humidifier in your home can help to neutralise the effects of heating that can pose a threat to your eyes. Eye drops are ideal for moisturising your eyes, providing some relief to the symptoms of dry eye.

Keep your shades on

You might find it interesting to know that clouds only block around 10% of the sun’s UV rays, meaning your eyes are still at risk of UV damage even on a cloudy day. That’s why it’s important to wear UV-protected sunglasses when you’re out and about this winter, even if the skies are far from blue.

Another reason to wear sunglasses is also because wintry conditions can make keeping your eyes fully open quite difficult. In fact, trying too hard to keep your eyes open can actually cause some harm to your eyes and your corneas can even become frozen, resulting in blurred vision, eyelid spasms and light sensitivity. But, with a pair of sunglasses in front of your eyes, you’ll keep your eyes safe from the elements and can enjoy clear vision no matter the weather.

Maintain a healthy diet

At this time of year, it feels like people suffering from colds and the flu are everywhere. The winter months often bring about a cold or two for most people, however they can be kept at bay by following a healthy lifestyle and nutritious diet.

You should be eating a balanced diet that includes plenty of fruit and vegetables, while you’ll find soups and stews a perfect way to warm up after getting in from the cold.

Keep your lenses at the top of their game

Contact lens wearers might find that their lenses dry out a lot quicker in the winter months than at other times of the year. This can be down to the cold winds, the effects of indoor heating and a number of other features.

While you should always abide by the ‘one day off’ a week rule, it’s particularly important in the wintertime. Make sure to switch to your glasses one day each week to give your eyes a break from contact lenses.

Again, you should also carry some eye drops with you just in case your lenses start to dry out during the day, while we also stock a variety of dry eye treatments.

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