My senior patients often ask me about Macular Degeneration. First of all the Macula is the central part of the inside of the eye that we used when we are looking straight at something. It’s the area of highest vision sensitivity and maximum color vision. In Macular Degeneration, small micro nerves begin to die, we really don’t know why, but they can be detected in a thorough eye examination. To help prevent Macular Degeneration, you want to protect your eyes from excessive ultra violet rays by wearing ultra violet blocking sunglasses. Also, recent studies have shown that vitamins may slow down Macular Degeneration and perhaps actually prevent it. The vitamins that we recommend are vitamins A, C, E, Zinc and Lutein.

About Advanced Eyecare Optometry

At Advanced Eyecare Optometry, the doctors are thoroughly trained in the detection, diagnosis and treatment of vision disorders and eye disease. They utilize state-of-the art equipment such as the Zeiss OCT Optos Retinal Scanning Laser, and Humphrey Auto-Refractor and Visual Field Analyzer, which provides a higher level of care. This facilitates the early detection and management of eye diseases such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, and cataract which helps preserve your vision!Examinations also include the detection and treatment of eye muscle imbalance, poor eye coordination and reduced focusing ability, which are common problems among children and 40+ year olds.

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