Caring for your eyes is easier than you think! With just a few easy eye care tips, you can be sure you are doing the best for your vision! Below are a few easy eye care tips to start with!

Eat a Balanced Diet

Make sure you get the right amount of vitamins and minerals each and every day by including vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds into your

Maintain a Healthy Weight

Part of eating right brings with it the benefits of making maintaining a healthy weight easier!

Get Regular Exercise

Making certain your body gets the exercise it needs will also help with the desire to eat right and maintaining a healthy weight. Regular exercise is vital to keeping your body functions operating at healthy levels.

Wear Sunglasses

Protecting your eyes against UV rays will help to keep them healthy as you age.

Wear Protective Eye Wear

Make sure you have proper protective eyewear when working with machinery, chemicals or dusty environments.

Avoid Smoking

Don’t smoke or if you do stop. Smoking contains chemicals known to cause cancer and long term smoking can lead to age related eye issues such as macular degeneration.

Know Your Family Medical History

Keeping track of your immediate and not so immediate family medical history will help to provide your doctors with important diagnosis and  treatment information they may need for you!

Annual Eye Exams

Having Annual eye exams helps to establish a baseline of care for your eyes.

Easy eye care tips will help you keep your eyes in top shape! And don’t forget to schedule your next eye exam!

Source: AAO – American Academy of Opthamology

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