Why do you need an annual eye exam?

Routine, comprehensive eye exams can detect vision problems, eye disease and general health problems before you are aware a problem exists. It is recommended that adults have a comprehensive eye exam – not just a vision screening for visual acuity – every 1-2 years.

The reasons

The demands on our eyes are greater than they have ever been. Making sure your eyes are up to those challenges is the job of an eye doctor (ophthalmologist or optometrist). Here are a few of the biggest daily threats to the health of your eyes that make an annual eye exam a must:

  1. Vision Correction
  2. Digital Eye Strain
  3. Dry Eyes
  4. Sun Damage
  5. Allergies

Life is busy. Making and keeping your annual eye exam – particularly if you have vision problems – is very important. Yes, it is disruption to your day. And, really, you just want to get your prescription so you can get your glasses or contacts. But, everyone needs to have a thorough evaluation of their eyes on a regular basis to ensure their good health and the ability to see well for a lifetime.

Source: americanrefractivesurgerycouncil.org

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